Business Support and Advice

We analyse and assess business problems leading to clear proposals which are discussed and agreed with the business.  We pride ourselves with practical solutions that work. We will then work with the business to implement these solutions.


We work with directors of small and medium sized companies to develop their management skills and knowledge to enable to them to cover all facets of their business. This is normally done over a period of time during which the mentor can be on call to provide advice or to discuss possible solutions to issues of the moment.

Business Plan Development

We will work with you to develop your business plan so that you and your business are clear what your objectives are and how to achieve them. We can work with you to agree project plans to achieve your success and will give assistance implementing these plans.

Funding Assistance

We will work with you to identify the most appropriate source of investment funding, then we will assist your business to achieve this funding through channels including Scottish Enterprise, Angel Investors and Financial Institutions. Jock Millican is gatekeeper of Equity Gap Business Angel syndicate. 

The Sellability Score

The Sellability Score is a quantitative tool designed to analyze how sellable your business is, After completing the questionnaire, you will immediately receive a Sellability Score out of 100 along with instructions for interpreting your results. Millican Associates will then work with you improve your company attractiveness for sale.

Personal Guarantees

The bank are writing some very strong letters about your Personal Guarantee - so you have to pay, don't you? You're going to lose your house, aren't you?

Not necessarily - certainly no one should welch on a commitment they have made, but was your commitment to a PG legally made and if not, do you therefore really legally owe the money?

Not always.

Millican Associates is the Scottish representative for Personal Guarantees, a company who helped many people minimise the amount that they have had to repay in Personal Guarantees. We have achieved an average settlement rate of 31.29% on claims of over £8.5m. It is vital that you contact as early as possible to achieve the best outcome.

Project / Change Management

We have wide experience of organising complex changes within financial and time constraints to maintain strategic direction. This has been demonstrated through leading a team that successfully implemented a new computer system across the business and implementing a more efficient layout of a repacking facility during peak operation.

Supply Chain Improvement

One of our specialist areas of expertise is optimising supply chains to achieve real and lasting savings and service enhancements. This has varied from setting up completely new networks including new Regional Distribution Centre saving several million to changing distribution routing saving a few thousand.

Risk Management / Business Continuity Planning

We work with companies to analysis risks to the business and then develop business continuity plans to mitigate these risks should they ever occur. Jock Millican has wide experience in this field, having led business recovery after Buncefield oil depot fire destroyed main warehouse and organised product recalls with minimium publicity. These were achieved by having a clear risk management process in place before and then implementing it.